Wesbank Vehicle Finance

Wesbank Vehicle Finance

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Wesbank Vehicle Finance is a finance option from Wesbank that allows people to buy new or pre-owned cars from Wesbank accredited dealers.

Wesbank has been in the financial sector for more than 40 years and has helped thousands of people realise their dream of owning a car, whether they want to buy a car, motorbike, boat or caravan, Wesbank has got tailored made finance options for you.

Why choose Wesbank Vehicle Finance?

Vehicle Finance is a credit facility that allows people to purchase cars from dealers or individuals while the credit provider pays for it. The buyer will then have to make monthly installments to the credit provider until the loan is fully paid out, but until then the car will be in the name of the credit provider.

Typically, when buying a car through vehicle finance the dealership is the one that lodges your application with the credit provider and acts as the middle man during the whole transaction, but this can also vary with different providers. Wesbank is one such provider that is helping thousands of South Africans and businesses as well in purchasing their dream cars.

Owning a vehicle has become a necessity in this day and age, particularly as a means of transport taking to and from work or taking the kids to school and back. Wesbank has many partnerships with thousands of dealers across the country, giving you a wide range of car dealer options to choose from and purchase a new or used car.

You can also buy repossessed cars, with more than 100 cars sold every week at auctions across the nation. Many of these auctions are held in areas that include Cape Town, Midrand, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and so on. Wesbank Vehicle Finance can also come to use in financing businesses who want to purchase cars for commercial use.

Wesbank also has a directory for second hand cars that are available for purchase, making it easy and convenient for its customers to browse through the selection of cars and choose the one that they want. These vehicles are inspected and appraised beforehand to ensure that the client gets and fair and transparent vehicle.

Wesbank Vehicle Finance Contact Details

Find out more information on how you can apply for Wesbank Vehicle Finance by visiting your nearest Wesbank branch and chat to any of their available consultants. You can also visit their website www.wesbank.co.za and read more on their vehicle financing packages.

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