uBank Personal Loans

uBank Personal Loans

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UBank Personal Loans – UBank is one of the growing financial institutions in South Africa aimed at providing its customers with affordable and reliable financial solutions.

UBank services are accessible to South Africans from all walks of life with a strong presence in the mining and rural areas. One of their most sought after products are the UBank Personal Loans.

Because we all have different needs and affordability, with UBank Personal Loans you are guaranteed to get services that tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

Why choose UBank Personal Loans?

You can borrow up to as much as R80 000 in UBank Personal Loans with a flexible repayment options of between 1 month to 60 months. The interest rates charged will be based upon your credit history, if you have a good credit profile then your interest rates will be more favourable.

UBank Personal Loans are easy to apply for, as long as you have the necessary requirements your application will be processed in a timely manner. You can apply by visiting any UBank branch near you or by contacting their Contact Centre.

To ensure responsible lending UBank will conduct a credit check to make sure you have a good credit record and can afford what you want to borrow. It is important for one to only borrow money if you are sure you can afford to make your repayments.

As we all know Life can throw at us unexpected curve balls, so if you are faced by financial troubles during the course of your loan and as a result cannot afford your UBank Personal Loan repayments contact your UBank sales consultant urgently to review your repayment plan.

What is required to apply for UBank Personal Loans?

To qualify for UBank Personal Loans you must be aged between 18 and 65 years and have a valid South African ID or South African passport. You must also be permanently employed, provide your latest pay slip. Provide your banking details and last 3 months banking statements if you are a non-UBank customers.

You will be required to also provide a list of your monthly expenses and 2 contact numbers (one yours and another of your next of kin).

Apart from UBank Personal Loans you can also benefit from other UBank products and services such as Home Loans, Transaction Accounts, Debit Cards, Funeral Plans, Savings plans and so forth.

UBank Personal Loans Contact Details

To get more details about UBank Personal Loans or other great UBank products visit any UBank branch near you, you can also visit their website or call them on 0860 008 322.

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