Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan

Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan

sanlam my choice funeral plan

Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan – do you have a funeral cover that specifically addresses all your specific needs in the event of death? Sanlam offers a comprehensive funeral cover that allows you to select your specific requirements to be covered in the policy, and also gives you the opportunity to add your immediate and extended family also.

Death visits all of us, and like most people no one really thinks about death unless it comes knocking on our doors, either through sickness or being involved in an non-life threatening accident. This is when most people realise the importance of a funeral cover. With Sanlam you will get tailor-made funeral cover benefits that come with affordable monthly premiums, starting from as little as R80  a month.

Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan Options

There are basically three types of cover that fall under your Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan, and these include The Traditional Funeral Cover, Priority Funeral Cover and the Tribute Funeral Cover. With this funeral cover policy you can get value added benefits that include Cash Back Benefits, Burial Repatriation Benefits, Pregnancy and Unemployment Payment Hold, and can also cover your spouse or partner, children, parents or any other extended family member. Sanlam will ensure that in the event that you or your insured family member die you will be guaranteed a dignified and befitting burial.

Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how you can get cover with the Sanlam My Choice Funeral Plan by calling their call centre number 0860 726 526 and speak to their friendly consultants regarding the best cover that will suit you and your family. You can also get more information from their website