SA Multi Personal Loans

SA Multi Personal Loans

sa multi loans

SA Multi Personal Loans are also known as Bridge Loans is a renowned company that offers unsecured personal loans across South Africa. Their influence spans the country with more than 150 Bridge Loans branches in South Africa. Blacklisted clients are welcome to apply for a loan with SA Multi Loans and may do so without restriction.

SA Multi Personal Loans insists on providing services to those who need them regardless of what their credit history may reflect. This presents an opportunity for those who are planning to rebuild their credit history but have struggled to do so because of their financial history.

Why choose SA Multi Personal Loans?

With SA Multi Personal Loans you can receive loans of up to R20  000. You can either take out a short term loan or long term loan. These short term loans go up to R6 500 while their long term loans range between R1 000 to R20 000. They come with favourable and flexible repayment terms.

Applying for these personal loans is quick and simple .They will approve your application within 48 hours even if you are blacklisted. How you use your loan is entirely up to you. So whether you want to pay tuition, renovate your home or even take your family on a holiday, these loans†will help you achieve your goal.

To qualify for a loan with SA Multi Loans, please ensure that you have the following – copy of latest pay slip, Bank Statements from the last three months, SA ID copy and must be over the age of 18 years, Must be employed permanently and must supply the company name & contact you are working for and lastly your cell phone number.

It is important to note that applicant must not have more than 2 Garnish orders to qualify.

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