PEP Money Transfer

PEP Money Transfer

pep money transfer

PEP Money Transfer is one of the innovative services that PEP Retail Stores are offering, making it not only easy but also convenient for people in South Africa to send money to their loved ones. Through their partnership with ABSA they have created a facility that makes sending money as simple as possible, and you can do a money transfer at any of their various branches nationwide. Since its establishment in 1965 PEP has been a household name in 11 Southern African countries and continues to grow each day.

How PEP Money Transfer Works

Sending money using the PEP Money Transfer you will need to head to your nearest PEP, PEPcell or PEPhome Store with your South African Identity Book, your PEP Club Card and your cellphone number to apply. At the store you will provide details of the recipient that includes name, cellphone number and the amount of money you want to send.  Just as a precautionary measure the cashier will confirm the details that you have supplied with you to ensure that there are no errors or mistakes when you send the money through.

Once the details are confirmed the money will be transferred and you will be given a receipt as proof of transaction. After that you will get 2 SMS’s that contain your 10 digit withdrawal number and 4 digit access code which you have to send to the recipient for them to use to withdraw money from an ABSA ATM.

PEP Money Transfer to other countries

The facility not only limits transfers to people in South Africa only but extends its services to neighbouring countries that include Malawi, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. To send money outside of South Africa you simply have to bring your Mukuru reference number in store and make the transfer. People working in South Africa can now send money to their loved ones outside of SA in a fast, easy and convenient manner.

PEP Money Transfer Contact Details

To send money using the PEP Money Transfer facility you can visit your nearest PEP Store and speak to their in store consultants or give them a call on 0860 77 77 65. Visit their website for more detailed information.

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