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Paragon Loans – If you have a business or you need finance as an individual, Paragon has the right finance solutions for you. They are a private lending company that was established in 2009. It works together with a strong network of professionals and funding partners which makes them one of the leaders in the provision on debt solutions to people and companies alike. Paragon Loans are also available  to those entrepreneurs who are starting up and would want to grow their businesses.

Tell me more about Paragon Loans

There are different types of loans you can apply for at Paragon namely Short to Medium Term Secured Funding, Bridging Finance, Capital Raising and Property Partnerships.

Short to Medium Term Secured Funding  – This type of funding solution is offered for a period of up to a maximum of 12 months. It is ideal when you know you are likely to get more cash either from sales or while waiting to get long term finance. You need to provide collateral for the loan.

Bridging Finance – This type of finance is available when you are waiting for income from the sale of a property. The loan will help you cover other costs that relate to the sale while you wait for the payout.

Capital Raising – Through its strong network of partners , Paragon is able to source capital for its clients. So if your business needs to raise capital to kick off a project there are a number of credit options available from the various funders Paragon works with. These funders can be Banks , Private Equity Firms, Asset Managers, Development Finance Institutions, Alternative lenders and other institutions alike.

Property Partnerships – Paragon also offers finance to help you in the purchase of a property or financing an existing one.

So you know the type of finance you are looking for, there are Paragon Loans that will help you meet your type of need. Their finance solutions are effective and you can easily obtain them in the shortest possible time. As long as you meet the requirements and you provide the necessary documents on time, you can you can get your loan in no time. Help your business grow and realise your full potential by taking advantage of the finance solutions from paragon.

Paragon Loans Contact Details

Paragon Lending can be contacted on Tel 021 418 2555, send a Fax to  086 639 9115 or email them at You can also visit their website and find out more.

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