Ooba Personal Loans

Ooba Personal Loans

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Ooba Personal Loans – Do you wish to consolidate your loans or just need a personal loan to take care of some expenses? Ooba is there for you to provide you with the necessary finance you need to meet your goals.

Ooba Loans are offered in association with Direct Axis and are available up to R150 00 in personal loans. Apart from personal Loans Ooba also provides Home Loans and Insurance. Ooba financial services are easily accessible and their Ooba experts are available nationwide in South Africa.

Why choose Ooba Personal Loans?

Ooba Personal Loans are provided in associated with Direct Axis, you get the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with an authorized financial service provider. You can get access to any amount from R4 000 to R150 000 in personal loans. Ooba Loans have fixed interest rates therefore any fluctuations of interest rates in the environment will not affect your monthly repayments.

Since people have different financial situations the loan terms are tailor-made to suit your individual circumstances to enable you to repay without straining yourself. Application is simple and fast, you can easily apply over the phone from anywhere. No face to face interviews or unnecessary queues when applying.†Once you are approved for your loan the money is directly deposited into your account to use however you see fit.

Ooba Loans are in compliance with the National Credit Act therefore they are keen on responsible lending. They will assess affordability to ensure you can comfortably repay the loan amount you are asking for.

What are the requirements when applying for Ooba Personal Loans?

The minimum required include a valid South African ID, Must be above 18 years to qualify, must be employed earning at least R3 000 per month, if self employed you will be required to provide proof of income, an active SA Bank account where your salary is deposited, clear credit references and your latest proof of residence.

Ooba Personal Loans Contact Details

To find out more on Ooba Loans or insurance services feel free to visit their website or call them on the following contact details tel 021 481 7300, or visit their website www.ooba.co.za

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