Old Mutual Personal Loans

Old Mutual Personal Loans

old mutual loans

Old Mutual Personal Loans are credit solutions offered by Old Mutual Finance that offers people looking for credit as much as R200 000 in personal loans or debt consolidation loans which they can use for their various financial needs.

These credit loans can be helpful for those life’s unplanned events which come when we are least financially prepared for them, and you can get as much as 84 months to pay them back.

Old Mutual is a registered credit provider that was established in 1845 in South Africa and is among the biggest financial services companies with more than 19 million customers as of 2016.

Why choose Old Mutual Personal Loans?

Old Mutual is one of the oldest financial institutions operating in various African countries, and their history and experience makes them one of the most reliable lenders you can borrow from. With Old Mutual Personal Loans loan seekers can borrow as much as R200 000 in cash and you can use these loans for any of your financial obligations such as home renovations, buying a new car, sending your kids to school or university, or even using them to go on holiday abroad.

Their personal loans have got a convenient application process which can be done entirely online, and their repayment terms are flexible enough to give you as much as 84 months. Old Mutual will carry out an affordability assessment prescribed by the National Credit Act to match their loan offer with what you can manage to comfortably pay. Their consultants will also give you financial advice and will explain the cost and benefits of taking out their loans ensuring that you make informed decisions if you decide to take their loans.

Old Mutual also offers Debt Consolidation Loans which are loans that are meant to pay out and clear smaller existing multiple loans that you where failing to pay off. These loans are ideal credit solutions because they settle any outstanding debts, leave you with one managable loans and also allows you to enjoy benefits that include lower interest rates and improved cashflow.

To qualify for Old Mutual Personal Loans you simply need to provide your South African ID, 3 months bank statements, latest pay slip, proof of residence not older than 3 months and ensure you are above the age of 18 years. You can fill out the application form on their website and either email or fax the supporting documents and they will give you feedback on the status of your application.

Old Mutual Personal Loans Contact Details

To get more details about how you can get credit from Old Mutual Personal Loans, simply visit their website www.oldmutual.co.za and read up more details about their finance products and services, or you can call their consultants on 0860 445 445 / 0860 222 252 and they will gladly assist you.

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