Nerpo Finance Loans

Nerpo Finance Loans

nerpo finance loans

Nerpo Finance Loans are credit solutions tailored for the agribusiness sector, giving farmers access to finance and support. African countries heavily rely of agriculture as one of their main contributors to their economic GDP, and South Africa is among those countries. The agricultural sector contributes to the imports and exports sectors, employment sector and is among the highest foreign exchange earners in the country through their exports to other western countries.

Why choose Nerpo Finance Loans?

Nerpo Financial Services is one of the leading credit providers that fully supports the agribusiness sector because it understands the vital contributions agriculture makes to any economy. Many industries rely on agriculture for their raw materials, and it supports industries such as the retail industry, food and fashion industry, chemical industry and so on.  Nerpo Finance Loans are therefore provided by Nerpo Financial Services to boost agri-outputs by giving farmers the much needed finance to maximise productivity.

Since most African countries rely heavily on agriculture as their main source of growth and GDP it is important for farmers in these countries to know that they have a reliable credit provider who can assist them with all their financial needs. Nerpo Financial Services supports new and existing farmers with various credit solutions that includes loans, advice and support, insurance services.

Nerpo Financial Services has been providing financial products and services to farmers in South Africa since the year 2 000, and they offer Livestock Credit Schemes which gives farmers a credit facility to obtain and acquire livestock and come with interest rates as low as 8% and Farm Machinery or Infrastructure Credit Fund which gives farmers a credit facility to help acquire new infrastructure which can include fixed assets such as storage houses, irrigation equipment, boreholes, fencing,  general farm equipment and machinery. Their interest rates can be charged at low rates around 4%.

Nerpo Finance Loans Contact Details

Find out more details on how to apply for Nerpo Finance Loans by calling their offices on 012 361 9127 and speak to any of their consultants who will gladly assist you with any questions you may have. You can also get more details from their website

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