Nedbank Overdraft Loans

Nedbank Overdraft Loans

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Nedbank Overdraft Loans – looking for an overdraft facility that will give you the flexibility of getting reserve funds whenever you need them?

Overdraft Loans from Nedbank are the ideal products for you because they will give you access to extra money which you can use when you are having financial challenges or just need extra cash flow.

Like their motto “Make Things Happen” Nedbank is in the forefront of providing innovative financial solutions that will make your life easier, and their overdraft facility is one of their valuable solutions which you can use.

Why choose Nedbank Overdraft Loans?

That’s an interesting question – why choose Nedbank Overdraft Loans? The most obvious reason why you should have an overdraft is that it allows you access to reserve funds which you can use at any time whenever you encounter a financial obstacle.

A lot of times we come across something that we really want to pay for but are prohibited because we don’t have the finances to acquire it. With an overdraft loan from Nedbank you now no longer must worry about having a zero or negative bank balance, you can make purchases or payments as if you have money in the bank!

Nedbank Overdraft Loans will be linked directly to your transactional current account and you will not be required to open a separate account to use it. Whether you use the money or not the overdraft will be available to you as a reserve fund.

The overdraft limit is determined by your affordability and interest will be charged on the amount used. You can increase the overdraft limit are Nedbank doesn’t restrict what type of transactions you will be able to do using this facility.

Nedbank also offers an optional Credit Life Insurance Plan on your overdraft to safeguard you and your family from unexpected life situations that will prevent you from paying your debt such as retrenchment, permanent disability or death.

Nedbank Overdraft Loans Application Requirements

These overdraft loans can be a lifesaver, and to qualify for them you will need to meet some of their basic qualifying criteria which includes having a transactional current account, being above the age of 18 years with a South African ID, must be employed with a permanent job and provide your latest pay slip, and last but not least must provide your most up to date proof of residence not older than 3 months.

Nedbank Overdraft Loans Contact Details

For more detailed information on how to apply for Nedbank Overdraft Loans simply visit your nearest Nedbank branch and chat to their financial consultants who can assist you in adding it to your transactional account. You can also read more information directly from their website

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