Mzansi Micro Finance Personal Loans

Mzansi Micro Finance Personal Loans

Mzansi Micro Finance Loans

Mzansi Micro Finance Personal Loans –  A bad credit record is not a reason to be in despair. This is a problem that thousands of South Africans experience but fortunately a number of lenders exist to accommodate you. Read this Mzansi Micro Finance review to know more about their personal loans on offer for customers with a bad credit record.

As a registered credit provider, Mzansi Micro Finance operates online. They have been in the industry since 2010 and have enjoyed an increase in customers across South Africa.

Transparency is the foundation of Mzansi Micro Finance and they offer a simple and friendly. Their service is also easily accessible and you can save time by applying online or via phone and tax.

Your bank account will be deposited with the loan amount within 24 hours of approval. Mzansi Micro Finance only assists permanently employed blacklisted customers.

Mzansi Micro Finance offers short-term unsecured loans. You can borrow a minimum amount of R1 000 and a maximum amount R10 000. The loans on offer are enough to cover gaps in your budget. Although you can choose the loan amount, the maximum amount is determined by Mzansi Micro Finance depending on your monthly income and expenditure.

Mzansi Micro Finance offers four repayment options. You can choose between one, three, six and 12 months. If the loan amount is large, it is advisable to select a longer term. The total cost of the loan is determined by the term and the size of the monthly installments. It is therefore necessary to carefully consider your options before choosing a loan package.

Mzansi Micro Finance offers competitive interest rates and fees. A detailed chart of the interest rates and fees are available on the website. It is possible to calculate the cost of the loan and ascertain the size of the installments in order to determine affordability.

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