Money Mouse Payday Loans

Money Mouse Payday Loans

money mouse payday loans

Money Mouse Payday Loans – When faced with an emergency expense, taking out a Payday loan may be ideal so that you can meet your financial obligations and when month end comes you can pay off the loan. Money Mouse is one of the competent and reliable Payday Loan companies in South Africa. They believe in helping you with the cash you need when faced with those unforeseen expenses. Money Mouse Payday Loans are offered up to R2 800 and you are free to use the loan as you see fit.

Tell me more about Money Mouse Payday Loans

Money Pay day Loans are ideal for those who need a small loan without having to stay too long in debt. When you get your salary you can then fully settle the loan.  Money Mouse offers Payday loans from as little as R500 up to R2800 for a 30-day period. You can make use of sliders available on their home page to help you calculate what the loan will cost you for the amount and period you choose.

The application process is simple and quick. All you need to do is submit your details, send through the supporting documents and once approved the money is deposited into your bank account before you know it. To make repayments easier for you a debit order will be done as per the pre-agreed date you set. Ensure there is enough money to settle the loan repayment on the day the loan is due to avoid further interests and fees. If faced with a problem you can notify them within reasonable time to make arrangements to help you.

What is needed to apply for  Money Mouse Payday Loans?

To qualify for Money Mouse Payday Loans you must be a South African Citizen with a valid SA ID. You must 18 years of age or older and be permanently employed. If you need another loan from Money Mouse you can simply re-apply once you have fully settled your previous loan with them.

Money Mouse Payday Loans Contact Details

Money Mouse can be contacted via their website or by sending an email to . Alternatively you can give them a call on 012 004 1712 or 086 544 9797 and they will assist you.

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