MaxLoan Personal Loans

MaxLoan Personal Loans

maxloan personal loans

MaxLoan Personal Loans are tailor-made credit solutions that are offered by MaxLoan to loan seekers who are looking for finance to sort out their various financial challenges, and as a borrower you can choose between various credit packages that include personal loans, home loans, car loans and so on. MaxLoan is a South African registered credit service broker that is a division of Credit Legal. As a loan broker they are able to source any type of credit solution for you even if you have a bad credit profile.

Why choose MaxLoan Personal Loans?

One of the many advantages of applying for MaxLoan Personal Loans is the fact that you get access to credit solutions that include as much as R200 000 in personal loans, as much as R10 million for home loans just to mention a few. They are loan brokers who act on your behalf in finding the best credit solution for you from their various network of lenders. They take your application and shop around for various loan offers and use their expertise to select the one that will give you best terms and conditions, and essentially do all the hard work for you.

Another advantage of applying for MaxLoan Personal Loans is the fact that they also cater for individuals who may have a bad credit record, may be blacklisted and so on. They also provide debt consolidation loans that can help you pay off all your other debts and clear them off, leaving you with one loan which you can manage comfortably to repay back. These services for blacklisted people can also help in rebuilding your credit profile and having your name cleared, as they know the challenges that people with bad credit go through in accessing credit.

To apply for MaxLoan Personal Loans you can fill out the application form on their website with all your relevant details, and must ensure you are above the age of 18 years, must have a South African Identity Book, must be employed permanently, must have an active bank account and must provide your proof of address. Your application will be reviewed and if you qualify they will wire the money directly into your bank account in a matter of a few hours. Repayments will be deducted monthly from that same bank account through a debit order.

MaxLoan Personal Loans Contact Details

Find out more information on how you can qualify for MaxLoan Personal Loans by calling their offices on 012 940 0811/2 and chat to their consultants, or you can visit their website for more details.

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