Maravedi Loans

Maravedi Loans

maravedi financial services loans

Maravedi Financial Services is a micro lending company that offers Maravedi Loans ranging from R1 000 to R25 000 with no collateral that you can use if you are looking quick access to cash.

Their personal loans have helped thousands of South Africans who were looking for short-term loans, and are so convenient and affordable that it might be a worthwhile to have a look at them.

Maravedi’s loan repayment terms are flexible and their interest rates are very competitive and can help you pay for things like medical or education bills, car repairs or sort out some home renovations and so on.

Why take out Maravedi Loans?

Maravedi offers personal loans of up to R25 000* which are tailored to meet your specific needs, and their repayment terms are calculated considering your affordability and income.

Maravedi gives you as much as 24 months to pay your loan back, and how much money you are offered is based upon your financial status, affordability and credit profile. People with a lower credit profile may end up paying a little bit extra compared to those with a good credit profile.

The good news however is that even people who are blacklisted can apply and qualify for Maravedi Loans. Their financial consultants will look at your financial status and help formulate the best credit package that considers how much you earn and how much you will be able to afford every month, leaving you more comfortable and not financially strained.

Maravedi Loans are unsecured loans which will not request you to offer any form of collateral when you decide to apply for their loans. These loans are provided in accordance to the stipulated rules of the National Credit Act to ensure that you and Maravedi are transparent with each other and there is no hidden surprises.

Maravedi Loans Requirements

The application process for Maravedi Loans is very easy and all you need to do before you apply is to ensure that you meet some of their basic requirements which includes being 18 years in age or older with a green bar coded South African identity book, permanently employed with at least R2 500 in income every month and provide proof of income such as your latest pay slip, must provide proof of residence and also must have an active bank account where Maravedi will wire the money into and run debit orders from.

You can speak to their consultants if you have any questions and they will be able to run you through some of the pros and cons of certain packages and help you decide the best option for you.

Maravedi Loans Contact Details

To find out more about how Maravedi Loans work and how you can apply for them you can contact their call centre on 0860 222 765 or their telephone number 011 990 4000 and chat to their financial consultants who will gladly assist you with any questions you may have regarding their services, and the application process can be done through the telephone. You can also visit their website

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