Low Budget Loans

Low Budget Loans

low budget loans

Low Budget Loans – With the cost of living getting higher and higher most people find it difficult to have money set aside for those rainy days. When extra expenses come up getting a loan may be the next best solution to help cover these expenses.

At Low Budget Loans, they understand the need to provide affordable credit to its customers should they need it. Low Budget Loans is a registered micro lending company in South Africa that was established in 2004. Their loans are short term loans and you can access up to R3 000 to help meet your financial needs.

Why choose Low Budget Loans?

Low Budget Loans are the right choice for you because they are transparent and reliable when doing business. Their loans are easily accessible since they are available online, you can apply from anywhere at any time where you can access the internet.

You can make use of the sliders available on their home page to help you decide on how much you can borrow, for how long and what it will cost you before you submit your application. If you have no access to the internet you can also contact them by phone or send a fax and they will assist you.

Low Budget Loans offers small loans from R500 up to R3 000 through a quick and easy application process. Repayment periods of the loans range between 3 months to 6 months. The amount you can qualify for is subject to your affordability.

Affordability is taken into account to ensure you are not burdened with a loan you cannot repay. It is important to choose a repayment plan you can comfortably afford so that you keep up to date with the monthly repayments and build a good credit record.

Since Low Budget Loans are short term loans you can easily meet your expenses without staying too long in debt. Once you pay off you loan you can easily apply for another if the need arise. As a value added service to its customers, you can get access to cell phone airtime on a credit basis to help you go about your business when you run out of airtime.

Low Budget Loans Contact Details

To apply for a loan from Low Budget Loans or to find out more information you can visit their website www.lowbudgetloans.co.za. For further assistance you call them on telephone number 0861 073 072, fax 012 809 0333 or send an email to info@lowbudgetloans.co.za.

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