Loan Seekers Personal Loans

Loan Seekers Personal Loans

Loan Seekers Personal Loans

Loan Seekers Personal Loans – Loan Seekers specialises in offering personal loans that are customised around the borrowers financial needs. They are a loan broker who acts as a middle man between the borrower and various lenders that offer various credit solutions ranging from payday loans, personal loans, home loans, car loans and so on.

Why choose Loan Seekers Personal Loans?

Loan Seekers Personal Loans offer credit ranging between R1 000 to as much as R200 000 with flexible repayment terms that suit your finances and budget. People who are blacklisted can apply for these loans and get served as Loan Seekers understands the various challenges that blacklisted people go through when trying to secure credit. Most financial institutions such as banks are reluctant to give people with bad credit some loans, and this is where Loan Seekers come in and fill in that void.

Loan Seekers works with various lenders, and when you submit your application with them online they will take your application and source the best lender that offers you favourable terms and conditions. Because it has a number of lenders to choose from the chances of your application being accepted increases drastically than if you were approaching one lender yourself.

Loan Seekers Personal Loans Requirements

Loan requirements will differ from one lender to the other but generally almost all will require you to be over the age of 18 years, must have your South African ID, must be employed permanently and provide proof of income, must have a valid bank account and also provide proof of residential address.

Loan Seekers Personal Loans Contact Details

Get more information on how you can apply for Loan Seekers by visiting their website or calling them on 074 123 8235 and speak to their consultants.

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