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Lendico Loans

lendico loans

Lendico Loans – In many countries, the structure of the financial markets is to have different platforms for borrowers and lenders. A consequence of this kind of structure is that the transaction and facilitation costs are very high. Lendico is an entity that is attempting to differ from this common scenario.

Why choose Lendico Loans?

Part of Africa Internet Holding and backed by Rocket Internet, Millicom and MTN, Lendico South Africa is a business concern that has become the ideal meeting point for lenders and borrowers who are trying to avoid the high costs associated with commercial banks.

As a company that operates digitally, borrowers get better rates and investors get better returns. Lendico acts as a transparent loan market place. Their mission is to directly connect borrowers with investors while avoiding the high costs of banking.

The high transactional costs are eliminated because the model allows for direct interaction between the two parties (borrower and investor).

Lendico is involved in the entire loan process and ensures the quality of loan projects to the collection process. Lendico does this to ensure that savings are passed on to clients in the form of attractive returns.

With Lendico Loans, prospective clients can have peace of mind with a process that is simple, fast and non-bureaucratic and that has no hidden fees. The party that lends the money can also be assured of receiving principal and interest payments every month. Lendico is a unique organization because it allows you to interact with real people and not an abstract loan product.

Lenders can also look forward to solid returns, high credit quality, monthly cash flow as well as the feeling of fulfillment that comes with helping real people. Those who wish to borrow simply have to visit their website and get a personalised loan rate.

Thereafter, they need to upload supporting documents. Lendico will then introduce your loan project to investors who will then fund your loan. Loan projects are usually funded within a few days, and the loan amount will be directly transferred to your bank account.

For those who want to lend and invest, you simply visit their website and open an investor’s account and select a preferred loan project starting from only R250. Once a loan project has been fully funded Lendico will ask you via e-mail to transfer your investment amount, you are then entitled each month to receive principal and interest payments.

Lendico Loans Contact Details

Lendico can be contacted on 010 500 9788 or through their website www.lendico.co.za.

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