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LegalWise – in life we often face challenges that find us unprepared when they strike, such as being unfairly dismissed from your job, or being defrauded by dishonest people and so on.

This is the time that you wish you had a professional lawyer to turn to and fight for you. Now you can get a legal cover that will offer you legal assistance when you need it the most, just from as little as R74 a month.

LegalWise’s history dates to the 1970s and has over the years aimed to provide South Africans with an equal, affordable and fair justice and legal representation, while also giving people access to some of the top legal practitioners.

As members of LegalWise you get a constant 24/7, 365 access LegalLine which gives you access to your lawyer at any given time, whether it is at midnight or in the morning.

Why take out LegalWise Legal Cover?

When you take out LegalWise Legal Cover you are guaranteed superior and professional legal assistance, with a lawyer on your side when you need one. Their aim is to offer you an affordable legal cover that will ensure you get a fair outcome when you take your case to court.

Some of the benefits of taking out legal cover with LegalWise includes getting affordable legal cover which pays lawyers up to R169 000 in legal costs per case, getting face to face legal counselling by their legal counsellors at any of their 80 plus branches, 24-hour access to lawyers through their LegalLine, online legal assistance through email during office hours and access to their network of lawyers who can represent you.

LegalWise Packages on offer

There are various legal products and services available to you to choose from, starting with the Gold Membership package which starts from R84 per month which gives you access to R84 000 in cash for legal costs per case.

There is the Gold Plus Membership which starts from R125 per month which gives you up to R125 000 in cash for legal expenses per case. The Platinum Membership package starts from R200 a month and offers up to R200 000 in cash for legal expenses per case.

There are many areas of legal representation which you can get represented in court, and these include cases of adoption, purchasing or selling a house, car accidents, debt counselling, divorce, employee rights, marriages, unfair dismissals, surrender of goods, consumer protection and much more.

Like their tag line “Don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer” you can also let LegalWise lawyers handle all your legal problems and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

LegalWise Contact Details

Find out how you can get the best legal advice and cover by calling LegalWise on 011 670 4500 or by visiting their website to find out more details.

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