Leahen Cash Loans

Leahen Cash Loans

Leahen Cash Loans

Leahen Cash Loans – are you looking for cash loans but dont know where to turn to for reliable credit solutions? Leahen Cash is a registered financial services provider that provides micro cash loans to people looking for affordable and reliable credit solutions, and their loans are given in line with the rules and regulations of the National Credit Regulator.

Why choose Leahen Cash Loans?

Leahen Cash was established in 1995 and has since then been providing financial services to ordinary South Africans such as personal loans, payday loans and so on. They have many branches across the country making their credit solutions accessible to those that are seeking to apply for these loans.

These personal loans from Leahen Cash are ideal for those short-term or long-term financial challenges that you may be facing, and these can range from needing money to help you through a month, or getting finance for your bigger financial obligations. To apply for these loans you can simply pay a visit to any of their branches and apply from there, and you can also get assistance from their consultants if you have any questions regarding these loans.

Once your application has been approved you will receive a bank card from Leahen Cash which you will be able to use at any ATM to withdraw the money from. There is no limit or restriction of use for these loans, meaning you are free to use them for things like paying for medical bills, doing your home renovations and so on.

Leahen Cash Loans Requirements

Basic requirements for Leahen Cash Loans includes a valid South African ID book, being over the age of 18 years old, must be employed permanently with proof of income, must provide your latest proof of address.

Leahen Cash Loans Contact Details

Find out more details on how you can benefit from Leahen Cash Loans by calling them on 013 230 9263 / 013 234 3946 / 014 763 2365 and chat to their consultants regarding their loan products and services.

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