Kia Flexi Finance

Kia Flexi Finance

kia flexi finance

Kia Flexi Finance is a vehicle finance solution offered by KIA to help people with money to help them purchase a new KIA vehicle from sedans to SUVs at affordable rates. KIA is a car manufacturer that has been making steady inroads in the motor vehicle market share through innovation and elegant car designs, and have become one of the car brands of choice for most South Africans.

Why choose Kia Flexi Finance?

Most people are faced with ever increasing vehicle purchase costs, and unfavorable vehicle loan terms can be a hindering factor that makes most people undecided to either take on finance or settle for purchasing a second hand cheaper vehicle. But with Kia Flexi Finance you have the opportunity to purchase a new sedan or SUV through their flexible finance that comes with tailor made and affordable repayment rates.

Kia Flexi Finance gives borrowers a wide range of contracts that they can choose from and these are available for their Rio and Sportage vehicle models, and they both come with minimum deposits. For the Rio model you will have monthly repayments of R2 999 while the Sportage model will come with repayments of R4 999 per month.

One of the many advantages of taking out Kia Flexi Finance is the fact that their interest rates are fixed throughout the whole repayment process, and you can get as much as 60 to 72 months to repay back your vehicle loan. At the end of the finance term you have options to choose from and these include bring back the vehicle, refinance or pay for the future value of the car to own it.

Kia Flexi Finance Contact Details

Get more information on how you can get vehicle finance from KIA by visiting their website or visiting your nearest KIA dealership and chat to their representatives there.

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