Ithala Home Loans

Ithala Home Loans

ithala home loans

Ithala Home Loans are home loans that can be useful to you if you are looking to buy, renovate or even build the house of your dreams. Ithala is a Durban based family business that specialises in offering various financial services which includes their home loans, personal loans, insurance plans and much more. They have been in the financial industry for a while now and have amassed experience that can be helpful to you if you do decide to take a home loan from them.

Why choose Ithala Home Loans?

Ithala Home Loans are tailored to cater for the specific needs of people looking for finance to purchase their desired property, land or buildings. The repayment period is calculated by taking into account your financial situation, and has a maximum repayment period of 30 years. Ithala  has a fast response time, and you can receive your approval with a very quick time frame.

Home Loans from Ithala have benefits that includes getting credit that is up to 100% of the property value, flexible repayment terms that go as much as 360 months, loan comes with competitive interest rates and the ability to use equity that is on your home loan to acquire additional credit if you need it.

These home loans are available to individuals who earn more than R6 000 a month, are employed permanently and are citizens of South Africa with an ID book, 3 months bank statements, proof of residential address not older than 3 months, agreement of sale and a SARS Information Letter Submission.

Ithala Home Loans Contact Details

For more information about Ithala Home Loans you can contact them  on  031 366 2500 or 080 133 1130, or visit their website for more details. Their head offices are based in Durban but caters for anyone located anywhere in South Africa.

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