Funeral Cover for Zimbabweans Living in South Africa

Funeral Cover for Zimbabweans Living in South Africa

funeral cover for zimbabweans in sa

Nobody plans for death, it comes when you least expect it and when you haven’t left behind a solid financial plan your family can be bear the most burden. South Africa has got a lot of migrant workers living and working inside the country, and in the event of death it can be a challenge to repatriate the body back to its country of origin. Among these migrant workers are millions of Zimbabweans who have made South Africa their second home, and according to some statistics from the Financial Gazette there is an estimate of around 400 Zimbabweans who die every month in South Africa due to a number of things such as murders, sickness, accidents and natural causes.

It is important not only for Zimbabweans alone, but for all migrant workers to have a good Funeral Cover for themselves and their family if they wish to be buried in their homeland. There are a number of reliable funeral service providers that help in the transportation of a dead body to countries such as Zimbabwe and among these includes companies such as Doves Funeral, Econet CarryMeHome, Mukuru Funeral Services and Moonlight Funeral Services.

The Zororo-Phumulani Funeral Cover is offered by both Doves and Moonlight Funeral Services and this funeral cover pays out for the transportation of the deceased to Zimbabwe, but additional features and benefits need to be verified by the respective service providers. With the Econet CarryMeHome Funeral Cover you pay premiums that are as little as R20 and get up to R10 000 in cash and this is paid out to the nominated beneficiary. The deceased can be transported back to Zimbabwe or Lesotho, and two members related to the deceased can accompany it back home.

Mukuru Funeral Cover pays out between R10 000 to as much as R18 000, and also comes with a R12 500 pay out for accidental death. This cover is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Insurance and its monthly premiums start from as little as R20. There are other funeral services companies that offers the same services for migrants working and living in South Africa but you will need to get in touch with and find out what their services entail.