FNB MoneyGram

FNB MoneyGram

fnb moneygram

FNB MoneyGram is a money transfer facility offered by FNB that allows you to securely send money to family and loved ones outside South Africa in a quick and convenient way, with the receiver getting the money within 10 minutes and are not required to have a bank account to collect it. Another advantage of using this facility is that you can choose the currency of choice and a notification sms will be sent to the recipient to notify them of the funds sent. The MoneyGram facility can be accessed from any FNB ATM, internet banking, cell phone banking or by using the FNB App.

Benefits of sending money with FNB MoneyGram

The FNB MoneyGram is one of the most secure, affordable and convenient ways you can send money to your loved ones who reside outside South Africa, and what’s good is the fact that they will be able to get the sent money that very same day. Some of the benefits that you can get from using this facility includes the following:

Simplicity – the process is straightforward and simple to use, there is not much processes involved when sending money to the recipient and there is no filling out of countless application forms. All you need is an FNB account and money along with the receivers details.

Fast and Secure – the money sent can be collected by the receiver in less than 10 minutes from it being sent, and the facility is secure and complies with international security standards of money transfers. For security you can send accompanying messages for verification with the receiver.

Accessibility – you can use any of the 350 000 plus centers in over 200 countries to send or receive money. The facility is available from FNB ATM’s, FNB Cell phone Banking and FNB Internet Banking 24/7 all year round.

Affordability – the facility is affordable to use and you can have peace of mind knowing that the money you have sent will receive the intended receiver anywhere in the world.

FNB MoneyGram Transaction Requirements

To use the MoneyGram facility you will need to be an FNB account holder, and must provide the recipient’s full name and destination country where the money will be transferred to. If you have online banking you can send it directly from your account by going to the MoneyGram tab and filling out the beneficiary’s details and amount you wish to send. You can also visit your branch and send it from there.

FNB MoneyGram Contact Details

Find out more information on how the FNB MoneyGram facility works by simply visiting their website www.fnb.co.za and read up more details from there. You can also visit your nearest FNB branch and chat to their in-branch consultants regarding this service and they will assist you with all the relevant information on how to send money to your loved ones using their MoneyGram facility.

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