FNB Money Transfer

FNB Money Transfer

fnb money transfer

FNB Money Transfer offers breadwinners living and working in South Africa the opportunity to support their loved ones in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. FNB knows that due to economic challenges in the region many people have left their countries and came to South Africa to try to earn a living and support their families, and it is through this realisation that they offered a money transfer facility that would allow people to send money to their families and they would get it instantly.

People in Mozambique or Zimbabwe can collect their money at accredited outlets and what’s convenient to them is that they don’t have to have a bank account to make use of this facility. The money transfer facility from FNB is most easiest and secure way of sending money outside South Africa.

How FNB Money Transfer Works

The FNB Money Transfer facility is accessible to people who have a Transactional Account with FNB and have cell phone, online banking or the banking app. If you have cell phone banking you can just simply dial *120*321# and follow their instructions. If you have internet banking all you need to do is login to your online banking and go to the tab that says “Send Money”. Under that tab you can choose whether you want to send money to a recipient in Zimbabwe or Mozambique, filling the name, cell phone number and ID number of the person receiving the money and amount and send.

The recipient can visit the nearest FNB branch in Mozambique or any FNB accredited outlet such as OK Stores in Zimbabwe with their ID and voucher reference number, amount and transfer code. They don’t have to have a bank account active to collect their money, and this money has to be collected within 14 days else it will be returned to the sender’s FNB account.

FNB Money Transfer Contact Details

Find out more detailed information on how to use the FNB Money Transfer facility by visiting their website www.fnb.co.za and reading up more details from there. You can also visit your nearest FNB branch and speak to their consultants or call their customer service number 087 575 0000 and chat to them regarding their money transfer service.

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