CTM Loans

CTM Loans

ctm loans

CTM Loans – CTM is a well known brand that specialises in the provision of quality tiles, bathroom products such as bath tubes, showers, taps and much more. They have built such a reputation of having high quality products that they have become leaders in their field, and through their success they have provided a credit facility in the form of credit cards that allows people to get loans to purchase these products and repay back the loan later.

Why choose CTM Loans?

CTM Loans are credit solutions that give you finance to purchase quality products from CTM, and you get these loans on a revolving, 24 month, 36 months term. These credit solutions from CTM are another way of helping their customers renovate, build their homes or properties at affordable rates.

Some of the advantages of applying for CTM Loans includes access to over 20 000 stores within the RCS network, flexible repayment terms, credit limit that is determined by your credit profile, access to special promotions and offers, SMS notifications on any transaction on your credit card. You can also get a Protection Plan that will ensure that you and your family is safe in the event of things like permanent disability, retrenchment or even death.

CTM Loans Application Requirements

To qualify for CTM Loans you need to be over 18 years with a South African ID book or Drivers’ Licence, must be employed permanently with a minimum salary of R1 000, must have your latest 3 months bank statements among others. There will be a fixed monthly service fee that will be charged but this will be stipulated at the time of your application.

CTM Loans Contact Details

For more information on how to apply for CTM Loans you can call 0800 010 810 or visit their website www.ctm.co.za. You can also send an SMS with the words “CTM” to 47542.

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