Checkers Money Transfer

Checkers Money Transfer

checkers money transfer

Checkers Money Transfer makes it easy for those working in towns and cities to send money back to their friends and family in a quick, secure manner without the need to having a bank account.

Checkers is among the biggest supermarkets in South Africa that has many branches in every town and city and is part of the Shoprite Holdings company. The the network of Shoprite Holdings companies you can conveniently visit Checkers, Shoprite, Usave, OK Furnitures stores and send your money from there.

How does Checkers Money Transfer work?

To send money using the Checkers Money Transfer facility you can take your original South African ID to the Checkers Money Market counter and tell the cashier there how much money you want to send. You will be able to choose a secure 4-digit PIN number of your choice which you will be able to send to the one collecting the money along with the Money Transfer number. Checkers doesn’t accept photocopies of your driver’s licence or identity document when sending money.

Checkers Money Transfer allows you to send as much as R5 000 a day to your loved ones and a monthly maximum of R25 000 which can be collected at any Checkers, Usave, OK Furniture, House & Home or Shoprite supermarket which is nearest to you.

To collect the money the recipient has to bring along their South African identity document, their secret PIN and Money Transfer number and visit any till-point to withdraw the money. The money transfer facility from Checkers now makes it possible to take care of your family that you left behind and have peace of mind knowing that they will be able access the money immediately the moment you send it.

Checkers Money Transfer Contact Details

For more details on how to send or receive money through the Checkers Money Transfer simply go to any of your nearest Checkers, Shoprite, Usave, OK Furnitures and enquire inside, or you can call their consultants on 0800 01 07 09 and ask them about this service. For more information visit their website and read up more details from there.

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