Capitec Bank Credit Cards

Capitec Bank Credit Cards

capitec bank credit cards

Capitec Bank Credit Cards are credit solutions that are offered by South Africa’s fastest growing retail bank, and are among the most secure credit cards on the market because of their Security CHIP. Capitec Bank is a registered financial services provider that offers an all inclusive credit facility called Global One which offers credit cards, access to loans and a transactional account.

Why get Capitec Bank Credit Cards?

Capitec Bank Credit Cards gives you access to all your accounts through their Global One account and comes with many value added benefits that include 55 days of interest fee interest, online security when making purchases through their MasterCard SecureCode, zero fees when making international transactions. You can activate MasterCard SecureCode on your credit card online for safer online shopping.

Capitec Bank Credit Cards also come with a Credit Life Insurance which can cover your outstanding balances on your credit card if you face unplanned things like retrenchment, disability or death. Through their app you can manage your credit card and do updates to your card limit for withdrawals or online purchases, view your credit limits and history of your transactions.

Capitec Bank Credit Cards Application Requirements

When applying for Capitec Bank Credit Cards you will need to have your original South African ID, must be above the age of 18 years with permanent employment, must provide their latest pay slip, 3 months bank statements, original proof of address not older than 3 months and bearing your name. There is an initiation fee of R100 and a monthly fee of R50.

Capitec Bank Credit Cards Contact Details

Apply for Capitec Bank Credit Cards by visiting your nearest Capitec Bank branch and apply inside or apply online by visiting their website and read more. If you lost your credit card you can use their app or call them immediately on 0860 10 20 43 to cancel it.

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