Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas Medical Aid

bonitas medical aid plan

Bonitas Medical Aid is a medical aid plan offered by Bonitas, and with over 650 000 people signed up to their medical aid they are arguably among the biggest medical aid institutions in South Africa. Since Bonitas was created in 1982 they have been providing quality and affordable medical aid solutions, and their growth is testament to that.

Bonitas main membership group is those that are among their mid 30 – 40’s, professionals with families that are still starting, and their medical aid solutions are tailored to suit their individual needs. Bonitas works with over 4 500 doctors, and provides solutions for general conditions, chronic conditions, maternity, dentistry and optometry.

Bonitas Medical Aid Options

  1. BonComprehensive Plan from Bonitas comes with unlimited private hospital cover benefits in addition to chronic medication for over 60 specified conditions.
  2. BonEssential Plan from Bonitas comes with unlimited hospital cover that you can use at any hospital whether public or private, and also chronic medication for 27 specified conditions, as well as maternity consultations benefits.
  3. BonSave Plan from Bonitas comes with limited chronic medication for 27 specified conditions, as well as maternity consultation benefits. It also has a self-managed saving account which you can use for expenses incurred while at hospital.
  4. Standard Plan from Bonitas comes with a semi-comprehensive cover that includes unlimited hospital cover, chronic cover for 44 specified conditions, maternity care, dentistry and optometry.

There are other medical aid plans that are offered by Bonitas and these includes the Primary, BonCap, BonFit, BonClassic, Standard Select plans.

Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details

Find out how you and your family can benefit from Bonitas Medical Aid by visiting their website and reading up more details from there on their various medical aid options, or call their call centre on 0860 002 108 and speak to their consultants who will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.