Bluebean Credit Card

Bluebean Credit Card

bluebean credit card

BlueBean Credit Card – The use of credit cards has increasingly become a better option in than use of cash in terms of convenience and security. Nowadays you can use credit cards to pay your bills, shopping, or even cover your travel expenses abroad. The BlueBean Credit Card is one such facility that offers a number of excellent financial services.

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank and is one of the few South African credit card companies that is bringing up innovative credit ideas, and it believes in providing secure and user friendly credit solutions. Bluebean offers various credit cards among these includes the Classic Credit Card, Silver Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, Premium Credit Card and Secondary Credit Card.

Why choose BlueBean Credit Card?

Applying for a BlueBean Credit Card comes with many benefits, among these includes the following:

  1. With the BlueBean Credit Card there are no transaction fees whenever you swipe your credit card and you get 55 days interest free credit on balances paid in full.
  2. You enjoy free access to Bluebean Lifestyle benefits such as Take Me Home which designates a driver to take you home at night, Roadside Assist which assists you whenever you have a breakdown 24/7, Home Assist which helps you incase of emergencies such as break-ins or burst geysers etc.
  3. Bluebean Credit Card also offers intermediary banking services aimed at promoting self-service banking. You get free subscription to Standard Bank’s self service banking.
    Free online shopping which guarantees you secure online transactions through their unique PIN security feature.
  4. You will get free eStatements emailed to you every month and can also use the card to buy fuel.
  5. Credit Protection Plan that covers your debt when you can no longer pay in the event of your death, permanent disability or dread disease.
  6. Free basic travel insurance when you use your card to book flights.
  7. Free Lost Card Protection but you are required to inform them immediately when your card is stolen or lost.
  8. You can also customise your BlueBean cards by adding your picture of yourself or any pictures that you prefer whether it be of a car, destination or a group of friends.

What is required to apply for BlueBean Credit Card?

To qualify for the Bluebean Credit Card you must be a South African resident with an ID Book, must be above the age of 18 years and permanently employed with a minimum monthly income of R5 000.

BlueBean Credit Card Contact Details

Apply for your BlueBean Credit Card today by calling their consultants on tel 0860 121 131 or visit their website Tip: For aspiring credit card applicants it is crucial to maintain a good credit record and you must ensure that you use credit in a responsible way, borrowing what you can afford and make all your outstanding payments quickly and on time. This will help you with getting a good repayment rate on interest and a higher credit limit.

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