AVBOB Funeral Insurance

AVBOB Funeral Insurance

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan

AVBOB Funeral Insurance and Burial Services РAVBOB has come with a different approach to the insurance and financial industry by making itself a specialist in funeral insurance and burial service provision.

AVBOB thrives on a strong value of treating its clients not as mere clients but as silent “shareholders” in the business, thus this approach has made AVBOB successful. Death in life is inevitable, so it is crucial to have a reliable funeral provider that offers you value for money funeral and burial cover that will help ease the burden, and AVBOB is one such company.

AVBOB has over 100 years of experience in the funeral services industry and has to date more than 150 branches across South Africa. They have successfully helped millions with their funeral insurance and burial cover and are among the insurers of choice for most South Africans.

Their insurance products include Cashback Funeral, Cashback Life, Savings Plan, Family Funeral Insurance and also their Extended Family Insurance Cover Plan.

Why choose AVBOB Funeral Insurance?

AVBOBs benefits of funeral services cover funerals, cremations, coffins, wreaths and tombstones. AVBOB does not provide funeral services to policyholders only but also to private clients such as unions, church organizations, government, other insurance companies and employer groups.

AVBOB works with the medical doctors to have the deceased death certificate and can do all the funeral arrangements on your behalf. All coffins provided by AVBOB are manufactured to SAB standards and tombstones in different types of material and designs are manufactured at their own factory which therefore makes it possible to erect the tombstone on the day of the funeral.

AVBOB Funeral Insurance also provides undertaker services that is making preparation of the deceased, use of cooling facilities, obtaining of death certificate, use of hearse, chairs at the grave, use of grave tent, registration of death just to mention a few.

Service of free transportation of deceased within South Africa and a discount on a tombstone are part of the benefits AVBOB policy holders can enjoy. AVBOB has indeed come in handy to many South Africans when a funeral takes place in their family.

AVBOB Funeral Insurance Claim Requirements

To make a claim with AVBOB you will need to provide the Identity Document of the deceased, the Notice of Death (BI1663) that you get from the medical practitioner and also the deceased Death Certificate from the Home Affairs. You can take or send these documents to AVBOB and they will start processing the claim and will help insure that your loved one is given a decent and befitting burial.

AVBOB Funeral Insurance Contact Details

Get more detailed information on how to get covered with AVBOB by calling their friendly and professional consultants on 0861 386 3725 and speak to them about your funeral insurance requirements or visit their website www.avbob.co.za to read up more details.

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