Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan – Avbob is a renowned South African mutual assurance society that specialises in providing funeral insurance and burial services. Avbob not only has 90 years of experience under their belt but they have covered 3.5 million lives over these years! With 156 agencies in all nine provinces in South Africa as well as agencies in Namibia, their mission is to ensure that individuals and families receive a dignified funeral.

AVBOB Funeral Insurance Plan Benefits

Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan provides funeral cover with cash back guarantee after every 5 years. This means every 5 years without a claim, a client is given back all premiums paid during the 5th year. Other benefits of the Avbob funeral plan include the power given to the client to choose whom they want to cover, accident benefit which stipulates that should a client die from unnatural cause like car accident, the pay-out is double, breadwinner benefit which states that should the insured die, the insureds spouse, parents and children will remain covered under Avbob without undergoing a medical examination, children’s benefit which allows the policyholder to add as many children as possible such biological ones, step children or legally adopted children and only pay for one, extended family benefit which allows for up to 6 family members to be added, parent benefit which covers parents and if your spouse is added on the same policy, then your spouse’s parents can also receive cover, spouse benefit allows for your spouse to be covered under a separate benefit, immediate coverage stipulates that in the unfortunate circumstance of accidental death, a pay-out is made within 48 hours, the Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan also offers flexible payment options through cash, bank debit order or even stop orders.

AVBOB Funeral Insurance Plan Contact

The Avbob Funeral Insurance Plan is not one to be missed because it is the answer in difficult times. Avbob can be contacted on 012 303 1000. You can also visit their website www.avbob.co.za for more details.