Auto and General Personal Loans

Auto and General Personal Loans

auto and general personal loans

Auto and General Personal Loans are provided in partnership with Direct Axis and give borrowers looking for credit access to as much as R150 000 in cash with flexible repayment terms. Auto and General has more than 27 years in the financial industry and have amassed years of valuable experience which they offer borrowers who seek their credit solutions. Their loans are tailor-made to cater for the borrower’s specific financial requirements and needs, helping them address their short-term and long-term financial obligations in a hassle-free way.

Why choose Auto and General Personal Loans?

Auto and General Personal Loans offer loan seekers flexible credit solutions that range from R5 000 to as much as R150 000 in cash loans, and these loans come with affordable repayment terms  ranging from 1 year to as much as 5 years. Another advantage is the fact that they allow you to choose the repayment terms that best suits you.

The application process for these personal loans is easy and convenient, and can be done online by using the application form provided on their website to fill out the loan application. The interest rates charged will be fixed throughout the loan term, giving you the ability to plan your monthly budget as you will know exactly how much you will have to pay back every month end and this is not affected by fluctuating market rates.

There is no restriction of use for Auto and General Personal Loans which means you can use them for whatever financial obligation you have, whether it is for purchasing a new vehicle, doing renovations or expansion on your property, paying for a medical procedure – the choice will be entirely yours. What’s more is the fact that these personal loans come with a Credit Protection Plan that protects you and your family from any unforeseen eventualities such as job retrenchments, suffering from a permanent disability or even death.

Auto and General Personal Loans Application Requirements

To qualify for Auto and General Personal Loans the applicant must be over the age of 18 years with a South African Identity Document, must be employed permanently with a minimum salary of R5 000, must provide their latest 3 months banking statements and proof of address, and must have an active bank account and good credit record. Your application will go through a credit check and once it is approved the money will be deposited into your banking account within a few hours.

Auto and General Personal Loans Contact Details

For detailed information on how to apply and benefit from Auto and General Personal Loans the applicant can phone 0861 020 021 and speak to their friendly consultants. You can also visit their website and read up more details from there.

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