African Bank Credit Cards

African Bank Credit Cards

african bank credit cards

African Bank Credit Cards – Nowadays it is no longer ideal to carry around cash for security reasons and for convenience. One of the best alternatives is to have a credit card. To enjoy this facility you can apply for any of the African Bank Credit Cards. African Bank offers different types of Credit Cards. African Bank Credit Cards include the Platinum Credit Card, Gold Visa Credit Card, Silver Visa Credit Card and the Blue Classic Credit Card.

Tell me more about African Bank Credit Cards

Since customers have different needs and are of different economic classes, African Bank Credit Cards are designed to ensure it customers get what the type of card that meets their needs and can also afford. Here is what these African Bank Credit Cards can offer:

The Blue Classic Credit Card is offered at a credit limit of R20 000 with up to 60 days interest free credit. This type of card is convenient for those who want a credit card without the risk of overspending.You can use the card for shopping, at fast food outlets and other places of business around South Africa and also buy airtime without paying any fees or incurring charges. When you apply, the Blue Classic Credit Card is issued instantly.

The Silver Visa Credit Card has a maximum limit set at R27 000.This credit card is accepted all over the world and offers free transaction fees at a till point, free SMS notification service, free ATM withdraws for the first two withdraws, free balance inquiries and airtime purchases using the cellphone. Enjoy the benefit of a credit card that gives you more choice and purchasing power while also offering the convenience and safety of not having the need for you to walk around with cash.

The Gold Visa Credit Card is similar to the Silver Visa Credit Card except that the Gold Visa Credit Card has a higher limit of R46 000. The Gold Credit Cards from African Bank allows you to have 24 hours of convenience and acceptance worldwide from various merchants with the VISA sign. You will also get the same benefits as the Silver Credit Card such as FREE SMS notifications, FREE till point purchases, Credit Insurance and so on.

The Platinum Credit Card offers credit of up to R80 000 with up to 60 days interest free. You get 1.5% reward for all point of sale transactions. You also get a 3.5% interest rebate on the 16.5% interest rate by paying the installment. The Platinum Credit Card also comes with a savings account linked to the card where the money deposited into this account earns interest at a rate of 5% per annum. Another great advantage is that you get insurance amounting to R8 000 per family member for a maximum of four family members.

Apply today for African Bank Credit Cards and enjoy these wonderful benefits that come with their credit cards. For more information feel free to visit their website or any of their branches.

What do I do if I lose my African Bank Credit Cards?

If you happen to lose any of your African Bank Credit Cards you should get in touch with the bank immediately by calling 011 256 9988 and have your cards replaced. You can also call the Visa Global Customer Services number on USA-1-410 581 3836. In case you also experience any problems with your cards you should call the Customer Services Call Centre number 0861 000 555 and they will gladly assist you.

African Bank Credit Cards Contact Details

Apply for African Bank Credit Cards today and get financial freedom. For more information contact African Bank on web or tel 0861 000 555.

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