ABSA CashSend

ABSA CashSend

absa cashsend

ABSA CashSend is a money transfer facility allows people to send money to their friends and family anywhere across the nation, as long as the recipient has a valid cell phone number and access to an ABSA ATM machine. There are thousands of people who leave their families behind in search of job opportunities in the city, and it is important to have a reliable money transfer facility that can send money to your loved ones in a safe, fast and convenient manner.

Why use ABSA CashSend?

ABSA is one such bank that understands the importance of creating a reliable money transfer system that will allow its customers to take care of their families, and they offer the CashSend facility to do this. Individuals and businesses can both use this facility to send money to anybody whether it’s a family member, friend or employee even without an ABSA bank account. The recipient can withdraw their money at any ATM with the twin security PIN codes that they will receive from you and the CashSend facility itself.

How ABSA CashSend Works

The first step is to go online and click the “Payments” tab, click “Pay” and choose “CashSend Payment” to use the facility. You will then have to enter the recipient cell phone details and how much money you want to send, create a 6 digit security code which you will have to send to the recipient and confirm your payment. The recipient will receive a 10 digit code via SMS and they will need this code along with your 6 digit code you sent to them to access the money from an ABSA ATM machine.

This facility is quick, safe and secure and is an ideal way of sending money to your family or friends without having them to have a bank account. There is a daily limit of R3 000 which is basically the ATM withdrawal limit, and you can set or maintain a limit at your ABSA branch. The money sent is available immediately and can be collected at any ABSA ATM that offers the CashSend facility.

ABSA CashSend Contact Details

To find out more details on how the ABSA CashSend works you can visit their website www.absa.co.za or call their call centre number 0860 111 123 or *120*2272# on your cellphone.

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