ABSA CashSend Plus

ABSA CashSend Plus

absa cashsend

ABSA CashSend Plus is an innovative money transfer facility that allows ABSA customers to send money to their friends and family and all they need to receive the money is an active cellphone number and access to any ABSA ATM machine.

ABSA is a leading commercial bank that offers banking solutions, credit solutions that include personal loans, vehicle loans, home loans, insurance services and their CashSend money transfer service.

There are many people in South Africa that leave for the city for educational or career opportunities and often they leave their families behind.

ABSA understands that there are people who bank with them who may need to send money to someone who doesn’t necessarily bank with them, and they introduced a safe and secure way of allowing you to send money.

The ABSA CashSend Plus allows you to send as much as R3 000 within a day, and the recipient must withdraw the money in full as it doesn’t allow partial withdrawals. With this facility there won’t be any need of any secondary bank account from the receivers’ end.

How does the ABSA CashSend Plus Facility Work?

To use the ABSA CashSend Plus the sender will need to be an ABSA customer with a transactional account with them, and they can send money to anyone who has an active South African cellphone number where they will receive a 10-digit code through SMS that they will use to withdraw money from an ABSA ATM machine.

You can use internet banking to send the money and you have a daily limit of R3 000, and you can get the pin code from your internet banking which you can forward to the receiver in the event that they lose it. With the 10-digit pin code the receiver can go to any ABSA ATM machine anywhere in the country and use it to withdraw the money from there.

What makes the ABSA CashSend Plus facility beneficial is that the people you are sending money do not have to have an ABSA bank account to receive their money, all they need is an active cellphone number and access to their ATM machines.

This facility can be used by business owners who make use of temporary contract workers that they don’t want to put on their official business payroll. You can also add your beneficiaries to a saved list which will make it much easier for you to send money to them in the future. The CashSend facility can be of tremendous benefit to both individual and businesses who may want to send some money.

ABSA CashSend Plus Contact Details

Getting additional information for ABSA CashSend Plus is easy, you simply need to go online and visit their website www.absa.co.za and read up more details from there.

The other option is picking up your phone and calling their consultants on 0860 008 600 and you can enquire or do a reversal from there. ABSA makes it easy for you to send money to your friends and family through their CashSend Plus facility.

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